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Acupuncture related research projects and publications

Kalons as inhibitors of cell proliferation, 1977.

Effect of Autohemotherapy protocols on performance for Biathlon; 1982.

Effect of Acupuncture on cardio-sympathetic innervation for treatment of spinal-related arythmia; 1983.

Applications of acupuncture on Antarctic polar stations Bellinsghausen (1983-84) and Drugnaya-2 (1984-85): statistical analysis; 1985.

Acupuncture for non-specific stimulation of immune system and incidence of bacterial and viral infection diseases upon exposure to urban environment among long term Antarctic expedition participants: 1985.

Comprehensive program for behavior modification and rehabilitation of children with asthma; 1986.

Design and clinical trial of new patented device for electropuncture "Elite -010" /with Research Institute for Space Radio Communication "NIIDAR"/; 1985-87.

Clinical trial of low energy laser device for applications in acupuncture practice, 1987-90.

Electropuncture diagnostic system "Ryodoraku": the application for training monitoring in professional sport; 1988.

Chinese Herbology formulas for professional athletes (bicycle and rowing); 1987.

Electrical properties of acupuncture points: condenser vs. active resister, technical approach for instrumental measurement; 1988.

Electropuncture diagnostic system for "Ryodoraku" measurement with computer analysis and automatic calibration; 1990.

Calibration of multi-channel device for synchronized "Ryodoraku" measurement; 1987.

Infrared images of "active" acupuncture points for diagnostic purposes; 1988.

Investigation of influence of embryonic tissue extracts on tumor growth; 1988-1991.

Acupuncture devices for Double Blind Study Protocols in a randomized clinical trail, 1995-present.

Efficacy of acupuncture as an adjunct for alleviating nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, 2000-present.

Biomorphological rationale for laser stimulation of myofascial trigger points and acupuncture points, 2003-2004;
2004 Annual Meeting of Association of Clinical Scientists; Session C: Frontiers of Clinical Science; The University of Texas, Houston, Texas

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