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Our dedicated and qualified staff follows a holistic and integrative model of medicine that includes acupuncture, pain management, herbal medicine, massage and manual treatment, nutritional counseling, physical fitness and personal training, and other modalities that are combined as needed.

A unique feature of our integrative approach is that complementing therapies are optimized to work synergistically and are tailored to meet your individual needs. You benefit from receiving all necessary treatment modalities on the same visit without going from door to door or losing your time waiting for another appointment. This synchronized teamwork assures superb clinical effectiveness and prevents excessive and unnecessary lengthy treatments.

  Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

The core of our practice is acupuncture and traditional medical regimes that can trace their origins to Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine the mental, emotional and physical are parts of the same entity. This concept takes the whole person into account, both in diagnosis and treatment. Disease is typically viewed as disorder or disharmony, and treatment is directed toward balancing and harmonizing. Diagnosis is made through gentle and non-invasive techniques such as interview; inspection of the face, tongue and pulse; and palpation of specific acupuncture points.

Dr. Alex Tatevian and Dr. Christopher Carlow are Board Certified Diplomates in Acupuncture (NCCAOM) and a licensed Doctors of Acupuncture in the State of Rhode Island. Together with Alex Tatevian, Chris believes in holistic and integrative healthcare that promotes natural healing without dangerous side effects.
Acupuncture is a method of prevention, correction and treatment of a disease, illness, injury or pain by encouraging the body to promote natural healing and improve functioning. This objective is implemented by the stimulation of certain biologically active points on the surface of the body (acupuncture points).
These strategic points can be stimulated by the insertion of very fine, thin stainless steel needles or by non-invasive techniques and other means of physical stimulation.

We use only highest quality, sterile, disposable single-use needles.

A key feature of acupuncture as a kind of medical intervention is that there is no administration of any chemical substances in any form or delivery system.

To find out more about acupuncture visit our educational web site www.DoctorGetWell.org

  Laser Acupuncture

The most recent treatment modality in Acupuncture is laser, which blends state-of-the-art technology with ancient tradition. Dr. Alex Tatevian pioneered formal research and clinical trials in laser acupuncture beginning in the mid-1980s.

Laser acupuncture substitutes acupuncture needles with a low-energy laser beam (also known as soft laser, low-energy laser or cold laser). The lasers used for acupuncture treatment are sophisticated, highly advanced and expensive medical devices that produce a focused and coherent light beam of specific wave lengths of the spectrum. The advantages of this method are that it is non-invasive, quick, absolutely painless, very safe, and it provides fast clinical results.
Laser is used in conjunction with acupuncture needles or independently. Laser is a perfect choice for needle-shy patients.

Find out more about laser acupuncture

  Manual Therapy & Massage

Also licensed as a massage therapist in the State of Rhode Island, Alex Tatevian has extensive expertise and hands-on experience in manual therapies that compliment and become essential part of acupuncture sessions. Everett Sprague is a licensed massage therapist certified by the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) who specializes in full body massage.

Manual therapies include:

- Classic Swedish massage
- Shiatsu
- Tui-na and Chinese bodywork, and other soft tissue techniques
- Soft spinal manipulation (not chiropractic adjustments)
- Stretching and exercise therapies

  Reiki and Energy Healing Work

Gagik Saribekyan is a renowned expert in non-allopathic, non-contact energy healing work. Neelam Kumar practices Reiki as a part of Ayurveda healing system.
Their holistic views, integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, bring multidimensional diversity to the patient's care. This subtle approach has helped many patients to get well and to maintain the optimum well-being.

  Far-Infrared Therapy

Far-infrared radiation is a new technology that uses special bio-ceramic mineral materials that emit healing far-infrared rays into the body.

Far-infrared energy penetrates deep into the body's soft tissues and increases the blood supply within the affected area, promoting healing and cell regeneration. Far-infrared rays reduce pain and swelling, relieve spasms, improve muscle tone and strength, and improve nervous system function. Far-infrared rays control bacterial growth and help to detoxify the body.

Combined with acupuncture, massage and manual treatment, topical application of proven ointments, far-infrared rays provide remarkable clinical results.

  Herbal Medicine

Dr. Alex Tatevian and Dr. Christopher Carlow are Diplomates of the American National Certification Board (NCCAOM) in Chinese Herbology. Many herbs are powerful medicines that are safe and effective when used properly.
Scientific research in Europe and Asia demonstrates that some plant substances are actually superior to synthetic drugs in certain clinical conditions.

  Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of natural wellness. Nutrition is the practice of using healthy foods to maintain fitness as well as the therapeutic use of food to treat illness. Scientific research has shown that many medical conditions can be improved as effectively with a dietary scheme as they can by other means, with fewer complications and side effects.

With so many misleading ads around, you may need expert advice to help you choose wisely what is best for you. Alex Tatevian is the contributor of numerous articles on nutrition for The Federal Hill Gazette.

  Personal Fitness Training

Regina DeMartino is nationally certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She has a strong medical background and is dedicated to promoting physical fitness, nutrition, and weight management. She has been involved in personal fitness training for fourteen years. Regina is also a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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